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Joe 90 Missing! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Report

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by A21 Reporter Andy Clems

The World Intelligence Network’s most special agent, known by the code name ‘Joe 90’, vanished without trace on Wednesday morning while returning from an especially dangerous mission in hostile territory.

WIN spokesperson Perkins gave an exclusive statement to A21, saying “I can confirm our agent successfully completed his objective and was en route to the rendezvous and extraction point when there was an explosion aboard his helijet.” When pressed for further comment about the assignment, Perkins replied “I’m afraid the details of the operation are still classified top secret.”

While we may never know the full details of the mission, it’s clear that agent 90’s assignment took him deep into the heart of Bereznik to a newly constructed facility designated as “an advanced desert irrigation project” by the local department of works. The plant’s construction caused concern in the chambers of the World Council in Unity City, with many fearing the facility was a cover for an illegal Adlamantium mine.

The plant was destroyed by a devastating fire on Tuesday night caused by what Deputy State Leader Scutt called “an unforeseen design flaw.”

Given agent 90’s assumed proximity to the project and the growing fears of the World Council, it is possible that agent 90 was sent to destroy the facility to maintain the delicate balance of world power. However, if this is the case, his actions were obviously uncovered and his attempt to escape was foiled by an explosive device placed aboard his helijet.

Another WIN agent designated ‘Uncle Sam’ is conducting an investigation into the explosion and coordinating search efforts in the area. He was not available for comment directly, but we understand from a local source that he was heard to say “If anyone could have survived something like that, it’s Joe 90.”

We will have more on the story as it develops.


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