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Complete Your Gemini Force 1 Collection!

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Complete Your Gemini Force 1 Collection!

Thanks to our Captain Black Friday Sale you can pick up all three books in the explosively entertaining Gemini Force 1 collection for just £2 each!

Gemini Force 1 was the brainchild of the late Gerry Anderson. Now completed by MG Harris, this is an exciting trilogy from the creator of Thunderbirds!

Gemini Force 1 Collection - Book 1Black Horizon

After the tragic death of his father, Ben Carrington’s mother teams up with a wealthy entrepreneur to form an elite, top-secret rescue organisation – Gemini Force.

Ben is determined to become part of the team, but can he prove he has what it takes to face dangerous situations and save lives?

 Impossible rescues. Maximum risk. This is Gemini Force 1

Ghost Mine

Ben Carrington’s dream has become a reality: he’s finally a member of Gemini Force. But, still suffering from recent tragedies, it’s a bitter-sweet triumph.

When news reaches GF1 of a gang of illegal ‘ghost’ miners trapped after a South African mining disaster, Ben is glad to spring into action with the team. But it soon emerges that the company, Auron, doesn’t want its miners found. Ben must work out who to trust if he’s to ensure that Gemini Force pulls off its most difficult mission yet . . .

White Storm

Ben Carrington is a member of an elite, top-secret rescue organisation – Gemini Force. When he finds himself and his friends in danger, Ben must compete with hostile ice and storms to pull off their most grueling mission yet.

This truly is Gerry Anderson for the 21st Century …despite a rebooted CGI series… [Gemini Force One] is the true successor to Thunderbirds’ crown.” – WhatCulture

Own all three of these fabulous adventures for only £6! And don’t forget to check out the other Gemini Force 1 products in our store!


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