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Fireball XL5

The interplanetary adventures of the crew of the W.S.P. spacecraft Fireball XL5, patrolling Sector 25 of the galaxy in the year 2062.

AP Films/ATV/ITC – 1962
39 episodes x 25 mins

Producer: Gerry Anderson
Associate Producer: Reg Hill
Directors: Gerry AndersonAlan PattilloDavid ElliottBill Harris & John Kelly
Production Supervisor: David Elliott
Director of Photography: John Read & Ian Struthers
Art Director: Bob Bell
Special Effects: Derek Meddings
Music Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Barry Gray
Title Music Arranged by Charles Blackwell

Voice Cast:

Paul Maxwell, Sylvia Anderson, David Graham, John Bluthal, Gerry Anderson

Further information is available from Fanderson the official Gerry Anderson appreciation society

  • tony paul

    as a very young child i had seen supercar and some re runs of four feather falls but fireball xl5 was really my first proper introduction to the wonderful world of gerry anderson, it sounds funny now but it really was the first of its kind on british tv and as with so many of gerrys productions it was mind blowing and inspiring to the younger generation, living in the atv area i was lucky to see all gerrys productions . unlike so much of the trash put on tv these days that is supposed to be childrens entertainment all of gerrys supermarionation productions were and still are first class entertainment and i for one would love to see if jamie can equal if not surpass the high standards that made all of gerrys shows so special

  • peswold

    Yea I remember watching this back in the early 60’s, was the coolest. And now I appreciate the massive effort it took to create this and the other series.

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