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Crossroads to Crime DVD release

“So bad it became a classic. Possibly…”

The Crossroads to Crime DVD is due to be released by Network Distributing on Monday 19th August 2013. It was the only feature film ever directed by Gerry Anderson.

Originally released in 1960 between the making of Four Feather Falls and Supercar, Crossroads to Crime features the talents of several of Anderson’s later Supermarionation collaborators, including George Murcell, David Graham, Anderson’s future wife Sylvia and Barry Gray, whose iconic themes famously complemented the Supermarionation series of the 1960s. The film negative was physically edited in the 1960s to replace the original titles with ones for the Edgar Wallace Mystery series and it is from these film elements that this brand-new transfer has been made. The original titles are included as a separate special feature, as well as a tongue in cheek DVD extra: Remembering Crossroads to Crime.

You can see a few clips from the extra on our YouTube channel, with some fond (and not so fond) memories by the cast and crew including interviews with Gerry Anderson and David Elliott.

You can order Crossroads to Crime now from Amazon

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