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The Official Gerry Anderson Website


Latest Gerry Anderson News

25 January 2016: Our countdown of the top 10 Thunderbirds guest vehicles

Thunderbirds guest vehicles

22 January 2016: There’s a campaign to get a blue plaque for Gerry Anderson

16 January 2016: The incredible voyage of Stingray!

12 January 2016: There are some Captain Scarlet actors in new Doctor Who stories…

Earlier news highlights:


26 September 2015: Thunderbirds 1965 Teaser released

22nd September 2015: Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Concert announced

27 August 2015: Gemini Force One Ghost Mine launching soon!

30 July 2015: Classic Thunderbirds Production to Return Home to Slough!

11 July 2015: 10th Anniversary New Captain Scarlet Trailer released

9 July 2015: York Maze’s giant 300m long Thunderbird 2 design unveiled!

9 July 2015: Thunderbirds 1965 is GO! Brand new episodes of classic Thunderbirds now on Kickstarter!

7 July 2015: Brand new episodes of CLASSIC THUNDERBIRDS coming exclusively to Kickstarter!

4 July 2015: Thunderbird 2 Shaun the Sheep unveiled

2 July 2015: Official Thunderbirds poster released by Anderson Entertainment

Official Thunderbirds poster released

17 June 2015: Original Lady Penelope puppet goes up for auction

13-14 June 2015: Andercon 2015 is FAB!

12 May 2015: First still from Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm puppet testing released

23rd April 2015: A Thunder Bird at Bomber Command: Lionel Anderson’s story published.



Welcome to the Worlds of Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson with Thunderbird 2

For over 50 years Gerry Anderson’s name has been synonymous with drama, excitement and adventure. He was the British TV and Film genius behind such iconic titles as Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, Space: 1999 and many more cult TV shows and movies. Today his work is continued by his production company Anderson Entertainment.

On this website you can find a wealth of information and news, such as:

>> The latest Gerry Anderson news and updates
>> A brief history and guide to his TV and Film projects
>> Information about legacy projects like Gemini Force One
>> Merchandise from the official Gerry Anderson shop



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 The World of Gerry Anderson

world of gerry anderson

Supermarionation, live action and CGI in TV shows like Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Fireball XL5, UFO, Space:1999, Terrahawks and Space Precinct, have captivated audiences worldwide. It’s hard to find anyone whose childhood (or adulthood!) hasn’t been touched by his creative vision and talents. You can find out more about his classic shows in the legacy section.

New Gerry Anderson Projects

new gerry anderson projects

Gerry Anderson was one of the most prolific TV & film producers of all time. He left behind a huge body of unmade work: movie and TV scripts, books, synopses, stories, outlines and more. Today Anderson Entertainment is working to complete those unfinished projects to introduce the incredible world of Gerry Anderson to new generations. Head over to the new projects page to find out more!

News, Interviews, Guest blogs and more

gerry anderson news

For all the latest Gerry Anderson news head over to the Anderblog. Any news of new projects will be posted on the blog first. We also feature weekly (or as near weekly as we can) guest blogs from those involved in classic Gerry Anderson series as well as those whose lives were changed by watching the shows and films.

The Gerry Anderson Tribute Fund

alzheimer's society gerry anderson tribute fund

Sadly Gerry Anderson’s life was cut short by Alzheimer’s disease. In the last years of his life Gerry became a staunch supporter of the Alzheimer’s Society; helping raise awareness of the disease, and raising money to support local dementia services and fund research into dementia treatment, prevention and eventually: a cure. If his shows inspired you, made you laugh, or provided any sort of enjoyment for you or your children then please consider donating to the Gerry Anderson tribute fund.



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